“Dynamic Duo: Batman and Wonder Woman Join Forces in First Released Photos from Batman v Superman”

Susana Polo, who specializes in pop culture and genre fare with a focus on comic books, is currently an entertainment editor at Polygon. She previously established The Mary Sue. The first images of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince or Wonder Woman were revealed alongside Ben Affleck’s character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by Entertainment Weekly this morning. Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor in an unforgettable wig and the cover of the Entertainment Weekly’s San Diego Comic Con preview issue, featuring all three members of DC Universe’s Trinity were also included. It is unclear how significant Gal Gadot’s character will be in the movie. Given that her role is not in the title nor the trailer, and with no other plot details except for “Batman wants to know if Superman can bleed (presumably for purely scientific purposes),” her presence could range from central to a brief appearance. For fans wanting to see more of the Amazon Princess – the only member of the DC Trinity who has never had a feature film dedicated to her- any indication that her civilian identity will interact with her ally’s secret identity is exciting. If she were to rescue a princess with just a bread knife while Bruce Wayne stood back and enjoyed a canape because he knew she had everything under control, it would be a fun scene.

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