“Disneyland Trip for Cardi B and Offset’s Son Wave’s 2nd Birthday Bash”

Cardi B and Offset are acing their parenting game as they took their family to Disneyland to celebrate their son’s second birthday. The whole family, including their 5-year-old daughter, Kulture, had a great time at the theme park accompanied by VIP tour guides and security, catching people’s attention.

The famous rapper, Offset, was recently seen enjoying some quality family time at Disneyland. He was carrying his son outside The Haunted Mansion, which had a special ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ theme. Although the spooky atmosphere might have been a bit too much for the little ones, it didn’t seem to bother them too much. Kulture, their daughter, was also having a blast while riding Big Thunder Mountain. She was jumping with excitement and zipping around with one of their friends while her parents sat in the row behind her.

It seems like Wave might not have been able to ride the rollercoaster because he was not seen unloading with his family, but perhaps he got himself a churro to enjoy. Happy birthday to Wave! Hopefully, he got to meet the big mouse on his special day.

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