“Dad’s Online Purchase Sparks Bulldog’s Unusual Fascination With a Mysterious Object”

On September 26, 2022, pawbuzz shared some fun facts about dogs.

It’s a typical sight to see dogs forming attachments to their cozy items like toys, beds, and blankets. However, Theo the Bulldog takes things to a whole new level with his overwhelming love for his “comfort metal bowls”.

It may seem unusual, but since he was a young pup, Theo has had a deep connection with his metal food bowl, treating it like his ultimate safety blanket and closest companion.

As time passed, his obsession with bowls only intensified, making it a real challenge to separate him from his beloved metallic friends!

Theo’s parents attempted to offer him different stuffed toys, but the determined pup had no interest in the less durable playthings. Before long, Theo started carrying his bowl around, gnawing on it, having fun with it, and keeping it close during naptime. It didn’t take long for him to consider all the bowls in the house his own. He would even wait by the dishwasher with a look of longing whenever his beloved “toy family” went in for a cleaning!

Theo’s family fully embraces his love for bowls, indulging him with a variety of shapes and sizes to explore, and they happily encourage his unique obsession. In a recent act of pure excitement, Theo was pleasantly surprised with a special delivery of 20 shiny new metal bowls, leaving him overjoyed.

Don’t miss out on Theo’s adorable reaction to his special delivery – it’s truly a must-see! Watch as he joyfully showers himself with excitement in a heartwarming video that you need to see for yourself. Check out the video to witness Theo’s pure love for metal bows and his unforgettable bowl surprise!

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