Chillin’ in Style: Selena Gomez Rocks White Tracksuit for Ice Skating Playdate in LA

Selena Gomez turned heads on Monday when she was spotted in Los Angeles with a handsome companion. She was there to join her friend’s child on an ice-skating adventure. Known for her impeccable style, the 25-year-old pop sensation rocked a chic all-white tracksuit for the outing. Selena effortlessly exuded glamour in the Adora Soft Hoodie Sweatshirt from Storets, which she paired flawlessly with sweatpants, white socks, and stylish trainers.

Date: Selena Gomez was spotted on the arm of a handsome young man on Monday

Selena Gomez was spotted on Monday with a handsome companion by her side. Adding a touch of sparkle to her attire, she wore silver earrings and a striking silver crucifix necklace that she proudly flaunted. To avoid ruining her sweater, she cleverly stuck her skating admission sticker on her thigh. In addition to her phone, the multi-talented artist, famous for her chart-topping track “Bad Liar,” was seen carrying a hefty hardcover copy of The Bible, showing her affinity for a good read.

Smooth: The 25-year-old was in Los Angeles to take her friend's son ice-skating

Gracefully skating on the ice, the 25-year-old woman found herself in the bustling city of Los Angeles. Her reason for visiting? To enjoy a casual ice-skating outing with her friend’s beloved son.

Chill: The singer rocked an all-white tracksuit for her date, pairing the loose fitting Storets hoodie and sweat pants with white socks and trainers

In a laid-back style, the singer chose to wear an all-white tracksuit for her outing, sporting a cozy Storets hoodie and sweatpants combo along with white socks and sneakers to match. However, her partner, Justin Bieber, who shares her passion for skating, was nowhere to be seen as the couple is currently taking a break. Rumors have been circulating that Selena and Justin decided to end their relationship once more earlier this month. Despite their on-again-off-again dating history from 2011 to 2015, the pair reignited their romance in November but eventually went their separate ways in March.

Christian: With silver hoops in her ears, her only other accessory was a solitary silver crucifix pendant, which she wore on the outside

Christian confidently wore silver earrings and a lone silver crucifix pendant as her only accessories, making a simple yet striking statement with her choice of adornments.

Light reading: Besides her phone, the Bad Liar hitmaker also carried an enormous hard copy of The Bible to read

During some downtime, the singer Bad Liar was spotted carrying not only her phone but also a big print copy of The Bible, showing her interest in reading. Reports suggest that the Hands To Myself artist is on a break to heal from a recent breakup and mend her relationship with her mother, rumored to be a factor in the split. “She’s taking a breather,” a source told ET. “She’s done this before.” On the other hand, her ex, Justin, has been linked romantically to Baskin, Abby Champion’s younger sister.

Absent: Despite being a skating aficionado, her on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber was not present, as the couple are currently 'off' mode

Justin Bieber, who is usually seen with her on the skating rink, was noticeably absent from the scene. The couple is currently on a break, so he is not in the picture at the moment.

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