Celebrate National Different Colored Eyes Day with These 27 Stunning Odd-Eyed Cats

Hey there, have you heard about cats with two different colored eyes? These felines have a condition called heterochromia, which is more common in white cats. Some people refer to them as “odd-eyed”, but we like to think of them as “purrfect”. Although Different Colored Eyes Day is celebrated on July 12th, these cats make every day special. And if you happen to see two cats that look alike, they might actually be two sets of cat twins with different colored eyes!

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These cats are such stunning creatures and they demonstrate that embracing our differences can be truly magnificent.

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Hey there, what’s your opinion about these lovely Persian cats? I must say they are absolutely stunning, don’t you think so?

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Have a look at these Scottish cats, they do not have big ears but their eyes are absolutely gorgeous.

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You won’t believe how incredible these Maine Coons are! It’s no joke!

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