“Cardi B’s Take on Her Relationship with Offset: A Perfect Yin-Yang Match!”

AceShowbiz reported that according to Cardi B, she and Offset have contrasting personalities but it is one of the factors that strengthens their relationship. The couple, who have been married since 2017, both work in the rap industry and are known for their unique styles.

Cardi B Shares The First Time Offset Told Her

During an interview with SiriusXM, Cardi B revealed that despite being completely different from each other, she and her husband Offset have a strong relationship. The singer of the hit song “Bongos” explained that they both have a unique dynamic where they provide unwavering support for one other. Although they have opposite personalities, they share a love for family and their careers, making them each other’s support system. Cardi emphasized that they are like yin and yang, but their mutual love and backing for each other is what makes their relationship work.

Cardi B Compares Her Relationship With Offset to 'Yin and Yang'

Cardi B has experienced a rapid ascent to fame in recent years, but she has expressed that she was actually happier before her success. In an interview with CR Fashion Book magazine, the rapper shared that one positive aspect of her fame is being able to provide whatever her family wants.

Cardi B says she 'never would've thought' she'd marry husband Offset when  they first met | The Independent

I can pretty much buy everything that I desire without worrying about my financial future. However, I have noticed that even though I’m content with my life, I was somewhat happier a couple of years ago when I had fewer resources. On top of that, I feel like I have lost some autonomy over my own existence. In the past, I had fewer individuals who had their opinions about my life, and I felt like I was in control of it all. But, now I feel like the world has taken over and I don’t even get to have a say in it.

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