Cardi B’s Hottest Beachwear Moments: Discover Her Favorite Styles for Fun in the Sun!

Cardi B is a prominent and hard-working figure in the music industry who effortlessly flaunts her stylish swimwear. In addition to producing hit rap singles like “I Like It Like That,” she exudes a bold and unapologetic confidence that makes waves in Hollywood. The New York City native isn’t shy about showing off some skin, often donning sexy outfits both on and off stage. She’s even been known to wear sultry bikinis and swimsuits while performing or at the beach. In July 2021, Cardi posted an Instagram video of herself wearing a stunning gold two-piece ensemble with matching cuffs, captioning it with “WILD SIDE.”

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Adding high heels to her ensemble, Cardi completed a stunning bikini look. In October 2020, the “WAP” artist shared an Instagram post featuring her in a bubblegum pink swimsuit, matching sunglasses, and white heels. Captioned with “Hard like candy,” the photo showcased Cardi’s confidence and poise. However, despite her present confidence, Cardi has been candid about struggling with body image pressures in her youth. Living in the Bronx where being thick and having curves is highly valued, Cardi felt insecure about her flat chest and lack of curves. She has admitted to undergoing cosmetic enhancements because of her insecurities.

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At 18, when Cardi became a dancer, she had enough money to address insecurities about her breasts by getting them enhanced. However, when she started working at an urban strip club at 20, she felt the pressure to have a larger butt, causing her to get it done as well. Despite facing scrutiny for her curves, Cardi believes that body shape should not warrant slut-shaming. She promotes self-love by wearing whatever she wants on stage or at the pool. Check out some of Cardi B’s best swimsuit and bikini moments in the gallery below.

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