Cardi B’s Empowering Response: Debunking the Stereotype of Surgical Slimming for Celebrities

Cardi B fired back at a fan who accused celebrities, including herself, of pretending to achieve their slim figures through workouts when they actually rely on plastic surgery. The incident occurred when the rapper shared a video of herself flaunting her fit physique at the gym. The fan claimed that these workouts were just for show and that celebrities would resort to surgery if they gained weight again. However, Cardi did not take kindly to these accusations, as she has always been open about the various cosmetic procedures she has undergone throughout the years. She has openly admitted to getting four breast augmentations, liposuction, a rhinoplasty, and even had illegal silicone butt injections which she has almost completely removed.

Cardi B hit back at a fan after they accused celebrities, like herself, of relying on plastic surgery to slim down but pretending it's the result of working out

Cardi B clapped back at a fan who claimed that celebrities, including herself, depend solely on plastic surgery to achieve a slim figure, while falsely claiming it to be the outcome of intense workouts.

Cardi didn't take too kindly to this as she's been extremely candid about the surgeries and cosmetic procedures she's had done over the years

Cardi was not pleased with this at all, as she has always been very open and honest about the various surgeries and cosmetic procedures she has undergone throughout the years.

Cardi responded by expressing that she exercises to not only maintain her results but also to build muscle and reduce visceral fat, which are not achievable through surgery.

She emphasized her openness about her cosmetic procedures and explained her focus on gaining muscle instead of fat due to the difficulty she faces in maintaining fat. She further discussed the concept of visceral fat, which is located beneath the muscle and cannot be removed through liposuction, but can only be addressed through exercise.

Cardi acknowledged that liposuction can result in pouches on some individuals because they fail to maintain their results. Therefore, she stressed the importance of maintenance.

Following the birth of her son Wave in 2021, Cardi intensified her fitness routine. She shared a video diary earlier this year, giving fans a glimpse of her rigorous two-hour daily workout.

Recognizing that some people might question why she exercises despite undergoing liposuction, Cardi reiterated that her motivation is to combat visceral fat. Additionally, she expressed her desire to have toned thighs and regain her pre-pregnancy flexibility.

Gym rat: The X (formerly Twitter) user was reacting to a video the rapper, 31, shared this week of herself showing off her svelte body at the gym

Gym rat: The X (formerly Twitter) user was reacting to a video the rapper, 31, shared this week of herself showing off her svelte body at the gym

Fitness enthusiast: The X (formerly known as Twitter) user was responding to a video shared by the rapper, aged 31, earlier this week. The video showcased her slender physique while she worked out at the gym.

In response, Cardi said she works out to 'maintain' her results while also building muscle and reducing visceral fat ¿ two things that can't be achieved with surgery

In response, Cardi B mentioned that she engages in regular exercise to maintain her desired physique as well as to build muscle and reduce visceral fat, which are results that cannot be achieved through surgery alone. It is worth noting that Cardi B shares a daughter named Kulture and is married to rapper Offset, who is 31 years old. Furthermore, Cardi B underwent a surgical procedure last year to remove biopolymers from her buttocks. She previously described this surgery as a “crazy process” and warned her young fans against opting for illegal buttock augmentation procedures. Cardi B had personally experienced the negative consequences of such injections when she was a young stripper in New York City. She admitted that one of the reasons she had undergone the illicit buttock augmentation was because a man had left her for a woman with a larger buttocks. Additionally, Cardi B noticed that other strippers with bigger behinds were able to earn more money, which motivated her to consider the procedure.

Fitness: Cardi ramped up her fitness routine following the birth of her son Wave in 2021

Exercise: Cardi increased the intensity of her workout regimen after giving birth to her son Wave last year.

Cardi got 'my body done' in 2021 after giving birth to to her son Wave; seen this year

Cardi B underwent a body transformation in 2021 following the birth of her son, Wave. This change in her appearance has been noticed and observed by her fans in the current year.

Done: In 2022, the Bodak Yellow hitmaker appeared on The Jason Lee Show and once again claimed to be 'done' with plastic surgery; seen in September

In 2022, the popular artist known for her hit song “Bodak Yellow” made an appearance on The Jason Lee Show. During the interview, she reiterated her stance on being finished with plastic surgery. This decision comes after a series of negative experiences with cosmetic procedures.

One incident occurred when she underwent basement injections, which cost her $800. Unfortunately, this procedure resulted in excruciating pain, making her feel as though she might faint. Additionally, the implants used during this treatment leaked for five days, further adding to her discomfort.

Following the birth of her daughter, Cardi opted for liposuction and breast augmentation. However, the recovery process from these surgeries forced her to cancel several concert appearances, leading her to declare her departure from cosmetic surgery in 2019.

Nevertheless, Cardi later had a change of heart and decided to undergo a nose job in 2020. After giving birth to her child named Wave in 2021, she further altered her appearance by undergoing additional procedures to sculpt her body.

Despite these changes, in her most recent interview, the artist once again affirmed that she has put an end to plastic surgery.

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