Cardi B’s daring fashion statement at Paris Fashion Week: Skin-tight catsuit and quirky face masks steal the show!

Cardi B made a bold fashion statement at the Laundered Works Corp show, which was designed by Offset during Men’s Paris Fashion Week. The rapper donned a revealing catsuit that left little to the imagination. She arrived in a dramatic fur coat and black crystal-encrusted mask, but later changed into a skull-print mask. Her bold outfit choice certainly turned heads at the event.

Cardi B turned heads as she hit the town in a revealing, see-through catsuit. The sheer one-piece displayed her intricate tattoos and black underwear. The Grammy-award winner completed the look with stylish black ankle boots. Prior to her outing, Cardi shared an Instagram photo with Offset at a church. In the picture, Offset wore a black denim jacket and matching jeans. Cardi congratulated him on his fashion collaboration with @chazajordan.

Afterwards, she decided to switch out her headpiece adorned with crystals and instead opted for a mask featuring a skull design.

The rapper made a bold fashion statement with a sheer one-piece outfit that showed off her intricate tattoos and black underwear. She expressed pride in her partner’s hard work, saying that “the d**k feels better when it comes from a hardworking man.” The couple were seen celebrating his fashion collaboration success at the UGG 12X12 Sneaker launch. Recently, she gifted her husband Offset £430,000 in cash for his 28th birthday.

Cardi and Offset snapped a pic together for Instagram just before the event.

The famous couple, Cardi B and Offset, were spotted at the UGG 12X12 Sneaker launch in Paris. They first got married in 2017 and have a daughter together named Kulture who was born in 2018. Despite Offset cheating on her, Cardi decided to forgive him last year, explaining in an interview with Vogue that they both prayed and sought advice from priests to come to a clear understanding. However, she made it clear that she believes in monogamy and would not tolerate infidelity, stating “I’ll beat your ass if you cheat on me.” Cardi also recently posed for Vogue magazine’s cover with her one-year-old daughter, but admitted it was challenging due to the young child’s behavior throughout the photoshoot. Nonetheless, she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and thanked the magazine.

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