Cardi B slays Marilyn Monroe-inspired burlesque outfit with black and silver corset and feathered headdress after birthday celebration: ‘I want to be adored by you’

Cardi B seems to still be in the festive spirit a few days after throwing a star-studded celebration for her 30th birthday. The Grammy-winning rapper shared several photos and videos on her Instagram on Thursday, dressed in a black and silver corset with a matching feathered headdress, reminiscent of her carnival-themed birthday outfit. The only difference was the color, with this one being red. In her caption, she paid homage to Marilyn Monroe by referencing a song from Monroe’s legendary film, Some Like It Hot, with the words “I wanna be loved by you.”

The post opens with three captivating photos that feature a stunning bodysuit adorned with jewels and intricate embellishments. The revealing outfit showcased Cardi’s gorgeous hourglass figure, toned legs, and ample assets. To complete her alluring look, she paired the bodysuit with matching heels, a sexy garter, an extravagant necklace, and sheer black gloves that extended up to the middle of her biceps, which she also wore for her red birthday outfit. The first image shows a full-body shot of Cardi, where she sensually touches near her forehead with slightly closed eyes. The other two pictures provide a closer look at the intricate designs of her ensemble.

Cardi B did her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation when she took to Instagram and shared a series of photos and videos of herself dressed in another carnival-inspired ensemble

Cardi B channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe as she recently shared a bunch of images and clips on Instagram while flaunting her carnival-inspired outfit.

Dressed in a black and silver corset and matching feathered headdress, the rapper mimicked Monroe with her moves and gestures as she sand I Wanna Be Loved By You, which is a classic tune sung by the legendary sex symbol in Some Like It Hot

Wearing a corset in black and silver with a feathered headdress to match, the hip-hop artist imitated Marilyn Monroe’s mannerisms and dance moves as she performed I Wanna Be Loved By You. This iconic song was originally sung by the famous sex symbol in the classic film Some Like It Hot.

Shiny: The bodysuit was adorned with plenty of gems and intricate designs

Soft and sweet: Cardi tried to sing I Wanna Be Loved By You in a soft voice like Monroe

The latest addition to the carnival theme is the picture shared by Please Me sensation, where she can be seen posing in a black and silver outfit. This post came just after two days of her 30th birthday celebration, where she wore a similar red attire.

Like Marilyn: 'I wanna be loved by you, just you - And nobody else but you,' Cardi can be heard singing softly, while staying in character with her Marilyn moves

Cardi B showcased her inner Marilyn Monroe in a video where she imitates some of the Hollywood icon’s seductive moves and hand gestures. The rapper, while staying in character, sings the opening lines to the classic song, I Wanna Be Loved By You. The song was originally written by Herbert Stothart, Harry Ruby, and Bert Kalmar for the 1928 musical Good Boy. However, it was the version performed by Monroe in Billy Wilder’s classic crime comedy film Some Like It Hot (1959) that is considered one of her most famous musical performances. Cardi B’s rendition pays homage to Monroe’s timeless appeal and undeniable talent.

Preps: For the second clip, which was less than 10 seconds long, the New York City native can be seen adjusting her headdress as she readied herself for another round of the photo shoot

To prepare for the next part of the photo shoot, the woman from New York City was captured in a brief video that lasted less than 10 seconds. In the clip, she can be seen fixing her headgear as she readied herself for the next shot.

Accessorizing: Her black feathers, sheer gloves and garter are clearly visible in the second clip

In the second video clip, you can clearly spot the black feathers, sheer gloves, and garter that she paired with her outfit. The clip is brief, lasting less than 10 seconds, but you can see her adjusting her headdress as she prepares for another round of photographs. In the last clip, Cardi B showcases her modeling skills as the cameras snap away. She starts with her hands on her hips before giving a sultry stare with her hands on both sides of her head. Then, she positions both of her hands flat on her dark locks while offering more seductive glances towards the cameras, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic poses from the late 1940s and 1950s.

Strike a pose: And for the last clip, the Grammy-winning rapper would work her magic as photographers snapped and shot away

Time to show off: To wrap things up, the rapper who has won a Grammy award will strike a pose and dazzle the photographers with her skills while they capture every moment on camera.

Revealing: The bodysuit helped highlight her cleavage and massive tattoo on her leg and hip

Unveiling: The body-hugging suit accentuated her busty curves and drew attention to the impressive tattoo adorning her leg and hip.

Added touches: The mother of two also wore matching heels and sheer gloves

The mother of two added some extra flair to her outfit by wearing matching high heels and sheer gloves. She shared a video on her Instagram Stories of herself showing off different dance moves while wearing her red bodysuit. Cardi arrived at her birthday party with her husband Offset, who looked sharp in a white suit and red tie to match her outfit. The guest list included other celebrities like Karrueche Tran, Chloe and Halle Bailey, and Daysulan. Cardi took to Instagram to express her gratitude for her accomplishments, including owning multiple properties, having six cars, and blessed children. She also added her signature humor to the post.

The Bodak Yellow rapper also shared a video of herself striking various moves all decked out in her red bodysuit on her Instagram Stories.

On her Instagram Stories, the talented rapper of Bodak Yellow fame posted a video showcasing her dancing skills in a striking red bodysuit.

Birthday girl moment: Cardi addressed her guests that attended her star-studded 30th birthday bash on Tuesday

It was a birthday to remember as Cardi took center stage and gave thanks to her star-studded guests who made it to her 30th birthday bash on Tuesday.

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