Cardi B reveals her top two musical inspirations in exclusive interview with S-News

In a recent interview on YouTube’s Hot Ones, Cardi B disclosed that she admires Jay-Z and Rihanna. The famous rapper and Bodak Yellow sensation expressed her deep respect for the 99 Problems crooner and Diamonds vocalist.

During her conversation with Sean Evans, Cardi B shared that her role models are Jay-Z and Rihanna because she admires them as successful moguls. Additionally, the rapper expressed her love for wrestling and revealed what kind of outfit and entrance she would prefer if given the opportunity to participate in the sport.

The rapper shared that although the outfit was revealing, they felt that their entrance had to be dramatic, just like Melina Perez used to do when she entered with two guys and performed a split on the ropes.

The WAP singer added, “She wants a response like I had to interrupt my visit with my grandparents for her, she was really insistent about it.”

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