Cardi B Embarks on a Shopping Spree for Coach Bags Despite Tension in New Music Video Lyrics.

Cardi B is clearing the air when it comes to any rumors of a rift with Coach following her controversial song lyric. The talented artist, hailing from the Bronx, posted a fun TikTok video on Tuesday (March 5) showing off her new Coach bag purchase, putting to rest any doubts about her relationship with the fashion label.


The fun TikTok video captures Cardi B joyfully flaunting a pretty pink Birkin bag before heading to Coach to make her new buy. She browses through different choices and settles on a stylish yellow quilted Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag, pointing out its impressive 4.7-star rating and glowing reviews on the Coach website.

Cardi B Buys Coach Bag Amid Outrage Over 'Coach Bag Diss'

The Coach Tabby handbag is a modern take on a classic 1970s design, crafted from soft napa leather with adjustable chain straps that allow it to be worn both as a shoulder bag and a handbag. It comes in a range of sizes and colors, such as black, pink, brown, and silver, with the Tabby Shoulder Bag starting at $295, and the quilted version priced at $450.

When Cardi B chose to purchase a Coach bag, it came amidst some controversy stemming from lyrics in her song “Like What (Freestyle)” where she mentions a Coach bag. This led to some speculation about her relationship with the brand, but Cardi B clarified that the lyric was actually inspired by a song by rapper Cam’Ron that came out in 2011.

Despite the initial confusion, Coach showed their support for Cardi B, publicly stating their admiration for the artist on social media. Cardi B responded with gratitude, expressing her own appreciation for the brand in a heartfelt message accompanied by a heart emoji.

Cardi B delights TikTok with a Coach bag purchase despite previous diss

Cardi B’s recent acquisition of a Coach bag can be seen as a positive sign of reconciliation, putting to bed any lingering skepticism about her relationship with the brand. By documenting her shopping excursion on social media, she is making it known that there are no hard feelings between her and Coach, underscoring the significance of transparency and harmony in the midst of public criticism.

As the dust settles on the controversy surrounding her song lyrics, Cardi B’s light-hearted TikTok clip and purchase of a Coach bag showcase her ability to address misunderstandings with humor and elegance, solidifying her image as a fashion trendsetter and influential personality in the music scene.

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