Cardi B Draws Backlash from Christians and Conspiracy Theorists Over New Hairstyle Picture

Cardi B has revealed her latest daring hairstyle which features colorful crosses on her blonde hair. Despite the positive reception from fans, some Christians have criticized the rapper for blasphemy. Nonetheless, many supporters have expressed their admiration for Cardi B’s bold new look, with some even comparing her to iconic female rapper Lil Kim.

Christians accuse Cardi B of blasphemy and being in the Illuminati after  posting photo of new

One person complimented the new hairstyle with the word “Perfection,” but not everyone was pleased with the change. A commenter criticized the act, saying that it was blasphemy towards God and Jesus Christ. Another user responded that it’s part of every mainstream artist’s contract to do something extreme. Someone quoted John 3:16 and another warned that one day they will regret mocking God. There were also allegations that the hand sign seen in one of the pictures referenced the Illuminati with comments such as “Not the crosses and 6 over the eye.”

People React Strongly To Cardi B's New Hairstyle: Accusing Her Of Blasphemy

Conservatives have expressed outrage over Cardi B’s music before. The release of “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion in 2020 sparked controversy, with Republican congressional candidate James P. Bradley being one of the first to comment. He claimed that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s upbringing without God or a strong father figure was to blame for their music’s content. Another former congressional candidate, Deanna Lorraine, asserted that the song had set feminism back by 100 years. Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro also expressed disgust, reading the lyrics on his YouTube channel and stating that this is what feminists fought for.

Cardi B is facing blasphemy and Illuminati allegations after a new hair  post - TheRecentTimes

The essence of the feminist movement seems to be lost as it revolves around the use of the term “wet-ass p***y.” People who think otherwise are quickly labelled as misogynists. Nonetheless, the critics didn’t bother the 30-year-old woman as she took to Twitter to express her disbelief at how conservatives are reacting to WAP. She went ahead to share hilarious memes made by fans, one of which was a reference to a scene from The Simpsons where Smithers covers his eyes while at a strip club.

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