Cardi B Dazzles in Reflective Gown that Shows off her Flawless Figure

Cardi B flaunted her curves at Miami’s Art Basel event where she attended the Playboy and Big Bunny party. The rapper, who was recently appointed as the new creative director for Playboy, made sure to look the part in a dazzling nude mini dress adorned with mirrors and a diamond chain necklace featuring the Playboy logo. Her outfit left little to the imagination and gave a glimpse of what fans can expect from her as she takes on her new role. Check out more photos of Cardi B’s stunning dress at the event.

Cardi B is expanding her business ventures as she takes on the role of creative director for Playboy and introduces a new product called Whipshots in collaboration with Starco Brands. Whipshots is a whipped cream infused with vodka, and it comes in three flavors: caramel, vanilla, and mocha. The product will be available throughout December, with 500 cans produced daily. In addition to these projects, Cardi B is also working towards securing a starring role in the next season of the television show You. She has received the support of lead actor Penn Badgley, who sent her a note in character as Joe Goldberg, expressing his interest in her. The two celebrities previously swapped profile photos on Twitter earlier this year.

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