Cardi B dazzles in her shimmering pink lingerie, captivating with her daring dance moves behind the scenes

Shortly after unveiling her latest music video, Cardi B wasted no time in showcasing her impressive dance skills once again. The 26-year-old rapper took to Instagram on Friday night, donning a striking pink cowgirl ensemble, as she flawlessly moved her hips to the rhythm of her own music. This lively display took place just before her performance in Houston, Texas, following the release of her captivating diner-themed video for the Bruno Mars collaboration, “Please Me.”

Showing it off: Cardi B displayed her gyrating hips and pink cowgirl outfit as she rapped along to her own music before a show in Houston, Texas

Demonstrating her unique sense of style, Cardi B, the 26-year-old rapper, took to Instagram on Friday night to share a video of herself showcasing her dance moves and fashion choices. Before a performance in Houston, Texas, Cardi showed off her eye-catching outfit in a behind-the-scenes video from her dressing room.

In the video, Cardi can be seen wearing a revealing, faux-western ensemble consisting of pink and blue chaps, adorned with rhinestones. She paired these standout chaps with a matching rhinestone-studded bra and underwear set. To complete the look, Cardi wore a studded pink cowboy hat, while her vibrant rainbow-colored hair flowed straight down her back. Her outfit was perfectly complemented by a pink jacket with tasseled sleeves.

With confidence and flair, the “Bodak Yellow” artist effortlessly rapped along to her own music, giving her fans a glimpse into her pre-show routine. Cardi B never fails to impress with her bold and unique fashion choices, and this video was no exception.

Region specific: Cardi showed off her revealing, faux-western gear in a dressing room-shot video

In a video captured in a dressing room, Cardi confidently flaunted her eye-catching attire, donning a stylish faux-western ensemble that left little to the imagination.

Rhinestone cowboy: The 5ft3in Bodak Yellow rapper was dressed in pink and blue chaps and a rhinestone-studded underwear and bra combo

Cowboy with shimmering stones: The petite rapper, who stands at just 5ft3in, donned eye-catching pink and blue chaps, along with an underwear and bra combo embellished with dazzling rhinestones. Cardi energetically moved her hips and seductively danced to her latest single, seamlessly transitioning into rapping her own verses. Soon after, she shared a brief video on her Insta Stories, promoting her upcoming show at Spire nightclub in Houston. Aiming for a Texan vibe, the artist, originally from the Bronx, even adopted a local accent as she encouraged her fans to come join her. Later that evening, she rocked the vibrant pink ensemble during her performance, showcasing its true potential.

Close enough: Shortly afterward, she posted a short video to her Insta Stories advertising her performance tonight at Houston's Spire nightclub. The Bronx born performer put on her closest approximation to a Texas accent as she encouraged fans to drop by

Almost there: Not long after, she shared a brief clip on her Instagram Stories promoting her upcoming show at Spire nightclub in Houston. In an attempt to embrace the local vibe, this talented artist, hailing from the Bronx, attempted to imitate a Texas accent, inviting her followers and fans to join her for the event.

Multi-colored: Her rainbow colored hair hung straight down her back under her studded pink cowboy hat

Vibrantly hued: A cascade of rainbow tresses gracefully flowed down her spine, accentuating her stylish pink cowboy hat adorned with studs.

Faux-cowgirl: She completed the outfit with her matching pink jacket with tasseled sleeves

Bogus cowgirl: She finalized her ensemble by adding a pink jacket with tasseled sleeves that perfectly complemented her look.

Winning performance: Cardi B shows off her assets during her Houston performance

Impressive Show: Cardi B Flaunts Her Talents in Houston Concert
Just before her outstanding performance in Houston, Cardi B treated her fans with the release of the highly-anticipated official video for her collaboration with Bruno Mars, titled “Please Me.”
Spanning almost four minutes, the visually captivating video showcases a lively scenario set in a charming Mexican eatery located in a mysterious corner of Los Angeles.
As the video unfolds, Bruno and his entourage are seen enjoying themselves, but the atmosphere changes drastically as Cardi B, exuding her trademark confidence, enters the restaurant accompanied by her group of girlfriends.
In a captivating moment, their eyes meet, and the infectious beat of the song immediately takes over the scene.

Flirty: The official video for the Cardi B and Bruno Mars song, Please Me, dropped on Friday

A playful and flirty video for the highly anticipated collaboration between Cardi B and Bruno Mars, titled “Please Me,” was released on Friday. In this catchy track, Bruno sweetly sings, “Please me, baby, turn around and just tease me, baby. You know what I want and I need, baby.” The song then transitions into a captivating vocal exchange, led by Cardi’s distinct style and provocative lyricism. Confidently, she raps, “Lollipoppin’ (Poppin’), twerkin’ in some J’s (Ooh). On the dance floor (Uh-huh), no panties in the way (Nope).” With her unique charm and effortless delivery, Cardi takes the lead, adding her signature flair to the track.

Flaunt it: Cardi shows off her midriff in a bustier when the two stars head into the parking lot

Showing off her figure, Cardi confidently flaunted her midriff in a sleek bustier as both stars sauntered towards the parking lot.

Pert derriere: Cardi B bends over to showcase her pert derriere

Pert derriere: Cardi B bends over to showcase her pert derriere

Cardi B flaunts her firm behind by sensually bending over.

Taught tummy: Thew new mom flaunted her taut tummy

Showing off her firm abdomen, the new mother proudly displayed her toned midsection.

The meet: Cardi walks into the restaurant, in all her glory, with her troupe of girlfriends

The gathering: Cardi strides confidently into the establishment, accompanied by her squad of close friends. The song, in terms of its lyrics, may not be suitable for those who are easily offended, as it contains a generous amount of explicit language and sexual references. Cardi raps, donning an eye-catching bustier and shorts, delivering lines such as “I don’t want any inexperienced nonsense. Please love me passionately, as if we’re listening to Jodeci. I was attempting to keep a low profile, taking things slow. But now that we’re intimate again,” all while her group of friends join in with suggestive dance moves.

As the song continues, Bruno and his crew join the spectacle with their perfectly synchronized dance routines, taking the festivities up a notch inside the restaurant.

Getting closer: Bruno stood behind Cardi as they flirted for the new video

Getting nearer: Bruno positioned himself right behind Cardi as they engaged in playful banter for their latest music video.

Bust a move: The two stars break out into a choreographed dance with their respective friends

Bust a move: The two stars break out into a choreographed dance with their respective friends

Bust a groove: The dynamic duo effortlessly bursts into a synchronized dance routine alongside their own group of pals.

The hookup: Eventually, the two groups dance together

The rendezvous: At last, the two cliques merge and groove as one. Eventually, the duo makes their way to the parking lot, hopping into their own swanky convertibles. Though they’re traveling separately, both continue to serenade each other while standing in the passenger seats. As the video winds down, the two stars take turns belting out the lines of the chorus while cruising through a tunnel. ‘Entice me, darling (Uh), spin around and simply enthrall me, darling (Uh, ooh). You know exactly what I crave and yearn for, baby (Yes). (Let me hear you say) Entice, (Let me hear you say) Entice (Woo).’

Instant: Within seconds, Cardi and Bruno lock eyes and the tune kicks in

In a split second, Cardi B and Bruno Mars share an electric gaze, and without skipping a beat, the music ignites the air.

Cardi and Bruno get into their respective convertible cars and trade off chorus lines

Please Me: Both stars are standing up in the passengers seat of the cars

Cardi B and Bruno Mars hop into their flashy convertibles and take turns belting out catchy chorus lines.

Crooner: The song kicks in with Bruno on vocals

Singer: The track starts off with Bruno taking the lead on vocals.
“Please Me” marks Cardi’s fresh release following her groundbreaking win at the 2019 Grammys, where she became the first female solo artist to snatch the Best Rap Album award for her debut record, Invasion Of Privacy.
This partnership isn’t their maiden voyage together.
Just over a year ago, they joined forces for the remix of Bruno’s hit “Finesse,” which initially appeared on his third studio album, 24K Magic, back in 2016.

With his boys: Bruno is seen hanging with his crew of friends

Chilling with his buddies: Bruno can be observed spending quality time with his group of pals.

The premise: The video takes place 'after a party' in a traditional Mexican restaurant 'somewhere in Los Angeles'

The setting: The film unfolds ‘following a lively gathering’ at a classic Mexican eatery ‘in an undisclosed location in Los Angeles’.

A Team: The video ends with the two cars and stars side-by-side; Cardi and Bruno previously worked together on the 2018 remix of Bruno's song Finesse

A Dynamic Duo: The video concludes with the two automobiles and celebrities positioned next to each other; Cardi and Bruno had previously collaborated on the revamped edition of Bruno’s track, Finesse, back in 2018.

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