“Cardi B Clears the Air: No Mic Hitting During Wireless Festival Performance, But X-Rated Show Steals the Show with Megan Thee Stallion”

Cardi B had to clear up rumors that she got into a scuffle with the crowd at Wireless Festival. A video surfaced on Twitter showing the rapper seemingly hitting a fan with her microphone, but she denied that it was a fight by tweeting, “It wasn’t NO FIGHT!” It turns out that she was just caught up in the crowd. During her performance at the festival, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion gave a provocative show that had audiences riled up. The pair even bent over each other on stage.

Brawl? Cardi B, 29, was forced to deny fighting with the audience during her performance at Wireless Festival on Friday - after a video surfaced which appeared to show her hit a fan with a microphone

Cardi B, the 29-year-old singer, had to deny getting into a brawl with a fan during her performance at the Wireless Festival on Friday. A video of her hitting a fan with a microphone surfaced, causing controversy. Cardi wore a stunning bejewelled catsuit and sang many of her famous hits, including displaying impressive dance moves with Megan. However, a fan in the audience posted a video on Twitter, showing Cardi bending over and swinging her microphone in the air, seemingly hitting someone. She then moved down, with her arms flailing before the lights went out. The caption on the video read, “Cardi B fights fan on stage at Wireless Festival.” But Cardi quickly denied any fighting and said that the situation was misunderstood, as other videos showed her getting caught up in the crowd.

Explicit: The showdown came after she sent pulses racing with an X-rated routine alongside a diamanté-clad Megan Thee Stallion

To the floor: Megan, who kneeled down on the stage as Cardi danced alongside her, while the Savage songstress pulled out a string of moves from the ground

Rewritten: The confrontation occurred following her performance with Megan Thee Stallion, where the two dancers showcased some steamy and risqué moves while bedazzled in diamante costumes that had the audience enthralled.

Heated? In a video posted by a fan in the crowd at the festival, Cardi bent over to the front of the crowd, before swinging her microphone in the air and seemingly hitting down

Did Cardi get angry? A festival-goer captured a video where the rapper leaned towards the crowd, then swung her microphone in the air and appeared to strike down.

What's going on? She stayed down low for a few seconds, as her arms could be seen swinging up and down before she appeared to wrestle, before the lights went down on the stage

Snapped: Festival-goers all attempted to catch the moment on camera

What’s happening? She crouched for a brief moment, with her arms moving in a swinging motion before she seemed to engage in a struggle. Shortly after, the stage lights were turned off.

'It wasn't NO FIGHT': But hitting back to clear her name, Cardi explained that it wasn't a fight via her own Twitter

Cardi responded on her Twitter to defend herself and clarify that the incident was not a fight.

Clearing her name: Other videos began to pop up - showing the moment from different angles as she simply got caught up in the audience.

To refute any negative attention, more videos have surfaced depicting Cardi B innocently caught up in the crowd during her performance. We have reached out to representatives for both Cardi B and Wireless Festival for their comments on the matter. During the show, Cardi performed with Megan and showcased an explicit dance routine where Megan kneeled on the stage and Cardi danced alongside her. The two continued the routine with Cardi getting onto all fours and Megan leaning over her back.

Social media: The fan captioned the video: 'Cardi B fights fan on stage at Wireless Festival' - before it was debunked

The video posted on social media by a fan claimed that Cardi B got into a physical altercation with someone during her performance at Wireless Festival. The caption of the video read, ‘Cardi B fights fan on stage at Wireless Festival.’ However, this claim was later proven to be false.

Raunchy: She then got onto all fours, with Cardi going behind her and leaning over her back, as the pair played out an explicit dance routine

Suggestive: Megan assumed a provocative stance by positioning herself on all fours, with Cardi standing behind her and leaning over her back, as the two rappers executed an explicit dance routine. Megan swayed her hips towards Cardi, while keeping her legs elevated and her head lowered, while Cardi kept singing. After their daring performance, the pair hugged each other with huge smiles on their faces, clearly satisfied with their high-energy display. The bodysuit that Megan wore clung to her curves beautifully, with perfectly placed embellishments covering her modesty. The ensemble was silver, bedazzled with diamanté, and had mesh cut-outs. She completed her risqué look with matching stockings and a silver choker.

Moves: Shaking her bottom towards Cardi, Megan lowered her head while keeping her legs propped up during the show, while her fellow rapper continued to sing

Energetic: Megan appeared in high spirits as she threw her microphone in the air

During the performance, Megan and Cardi were grooving to the beat as Megan shook her hips and lowered her head while keeping her legs propped up. Cardi sang alongside her as they both enjoyed the music.

Glamorous: Megan went for a silver, diamanté clad bodysuit with mesh cut-outs, matching stockings and a silver choker

Megan opted for a dazzling bodysuit adorned with silver diamantés, featuring mesh cut-outs, paired with matching stockings and a stylish silver choker for a glamorous look.

Close: Following the risqué performance, the two women gave each other a hug - beaming as they appeared happy with their high-energy display

Ending their bold and daring performance, the pair of ladies embraced each other tightly, radiating with joy and satisfaction with their dynamic and lively exhibition.

Showstopper: Cardi flaunted her jaw-dropping curves in a VERY racy sheer bodysuit as she headlined the stage for a stellar performance

Gorgeous: The sheer ensemble clung to incredible curves as the bodysuit's perfectly placed embellishment maintained her modesty

Cardi wowed the crowd with her sensual performance, dressed in a daring sheer bodysuit that showcased her enviable curves. Her makeup was on point, featuring a shimmery lip and impeccable contouring. As she belted out her hit songs, she flipped her hair back and forth in a sleek, straight style. To complete her look, Cardi donned a pair of stunning jeweled boots. Her outfit included a seductive mesh overlay, covering a black thong and matching pasties. It was clear that Cardi was the showstopper of the night, delivering an unforgettable performance.

Stylish: Cardi whipped her hair back and forth during the performance which fell to her shoulders in a poker straight style

In a stunning performance, Cardi B showed off her impressive dance moves while sporting a straight, shoulder-length hairstyle. Her outfit of choice was a sheer mesh bodysuit over a matching black thong and pasties, which shimmered under the stage lights. The crowd was whipped into a frenzy as she twerked up a storm and strutted from side to side. To top it off, her beau, Offset, joined her on stage and they sweetly shared a kiss during the show.

Loved up: And being joined by her beau Offset on the stage, the pair shared a sweet kiss during the show

Affectionate: With the presence of her significant other, Offset, on stage, they exchanged a tender kiss, displaying their love for each other during the performance.

Cheeky: The cheeky rapper grabbed her bottom during the appearance, as they both giggled

Trendy: He sported light wash trousers with white embroidery on them, alongside a sleeveless top

Playful: The playful rapper gave her a quick squeeze on the bum while they were appearing together and they both shared a laugh.

Hunks: Cardi was joined by scantily clad male dancers, who showcased their washboard abs during the performance

Beefcakes: Cardi had some eye candy in the form of male dancers, flaunting their toned abs while performing in revealing outfits. Shimmers: The costume’s adornments shone bright on stage as the talented artist displayed an impressive array of dance skills.

Queen: The hunks guided Cardi down a white staircase for her entrance as she grasped onto their muscled shoulders

Cardi B was escorted down a pristine staircase by a group of attractive gentlemen, who supported her by their well-built shoulders.

Singer: The star showed off her impressive vocal range

Performer: The celebrity flaunted her exceptional singing skills while on stage. She was accompanied by male dancers dressed in revealing outfits, displaying their toned abs as they danced. The artist stuck out her tongue and raised her arms in the air while rapping her well-known explicit lyrics. The massive screens broadcasted her performance to the whole crowd, ensuring that everyone had a clear view.

For the cheap seats: Her image was transmitted on enormous television screens, ensuring the entire audience could see her perform

For the less expensive seats: The big TV screens displayed her performance to the whole crowd, ensuring everyone could see. Cardi B danced fervently on stage, twerking and strutting from side to side, getting the audience excited and energetic.

Smiles: The star beamed as she returned to the London stage to a crowd of 135,000

Grinning from ear to ear, the celebrity dazzled as she made a comeback on the London theatre scene, greeted by an overwhelming audience of 135,000.

Sing it: The songstress poked her tongue out and threw her arms into the air

NFSW: The rapper is known for her highly charged song lyrics

She sang it with gusto, sticking out her tongue and flailing her arms around as she delivered her well-known, explicit lyrics.

Firewroks! The set also included pyrotechnics and fireworks making it a show to remember

Wow, there were fireworks too! What a spectacular performance that was, with stunning pyrotechnics and dazzling fireworks that left a lasting impression.

Fireworks: The songstress made her grand entrance down white steps as she was guided by two of her back up dancers

As she made her way down the pristine staircase, the singer was joined by a pair of her talented backup dancers. The stage was set ablaze with colorful fireworks, creating an unforgettable entrance for the performer.

Amazing: Fireworks filled the sky as the audience cheered and applauded for the hip hop star

Incredible: The night sky was illuminated with a spectacular display of fireworks as the hip hop icon received a standing ovation from the audience. The talented artist made an impressive entrance, descending down white stairs accompanied by her backup dancers, followed by six more joining them on stage. It was a performance to remember, with mind-blowing pyrotechnics and fireworks lighting up the sky. Cardi B graced the stage during the second weekend of Wireless Festival, after the first shows were held in Crystal Palace Park in South London last week.

Famous friends: In addition to Bodak Yellow singer, the likes of Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj will also be taking to the stage this weekend

Well-known buddies: Along with the performer of Bodak Yellow, other notable personalities such as Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj will be gracing the stage this upcoming weekend.

New music: The hiphop star is extra eager to be traveling the world again following the release of her first solo single in over a year, Hot S***, last week

Video: She last premiered new music of her own in February 2021 with the single Up. The song debuted at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

The hip-hop sensation is thrilled to hit the road once more after dropping her latest solo track, Hot S***, last week, marking a year-long hiatus.

Hitmaker: It would eventually hit the number one spot on the chart after her stellar performance at the 63rd Grammy Awards five weeks later

The song later reached the top spot on the chart following an outstanding performance by the artist at the 63rd Grammy Awards, five weeks after its release. In addition to the performer of “Bodak Yellow,” Megan Thee Stallion also graced the festival’s stage on Friday. During her earlier performance, the rapper donned a revealing black mesh bodysuit with sparkling sequin criss-cross detailing. The halterneck piece worn by the 27-year-old US star had studs at the top and around the neck straps to create a choker-style neckline.

Thirsty: Cardi sipped on a bottle of water between songs

Sharing is caring: Before she threw the drink into the audience

Cardi took a refreshing sip from her water bottle in between her performances and then playfully threw it into the crowd.

Sing along: The Hiphop star held her microphone out to the audience for them to join in some of her most famous songs

Let’s all sing together: The awesome Hiphop celebrity offered her microphone to the crowd, inviting them to join in the fun and sing along to some of her most popular tracks.

Looking fab: The talented singer seemed at ease as she confidently displayed her moves on stage, really getting into the flow of the music. She donned a chic pair of tan fishnet stockings, coupled with a sleek black garter on her right leg.

Fashion-forward: To elevate her performance, the artist rocked a stunning pair of black sequin boots that gave her extra height and added a touch of glamour to her overall appearance.

Dancing squad: Accompanying the star were a group of dancers who sported matching black outfits, adding to the overall cool vibe of the show.

Catching the eye: In addition to Bodak Yellow singer, Megan Thee Stallion also took to the stage at the festival on Friday

Not only did Bodak Yellow artist Cardi B perform at the festival, but Megan Thee Stallion also graced the stage on Friday. Their performances caught the attention of many attendees.

Born to perform: The rapper wore a black mesh bodysuit adorned with glitter and sequinned criss-cross detailing as she delivered a stellar performance for the crowd in attendance

An artist born to entertain, the rapper donned a black mesh bodysuit with shimmering sequin criss-cross designs during her spectacular performance for the audience. Adding to her striking appearance, she wore tan fishnet tights and a delicate black garter on her right leg while taking the stage. Energizing the crowd, Megan whipped her arms up in the air and strutted from left to right, making sure every corner of the venue felt her presence. With an impressive vocal performance, she held the microphone tight and showcased her talent to the fullest. The artist’s lively performance was successful in whipping the audience into a frenzy, leaving them craving more.

Twerking it: The star showed off her peachy behind as she danced close to the ground on stage on Friday

Displaying her impressive twerking skills, the celebrity flaunted her curvy posterior while gyrating low to the floor during her performance on Friday.

Event: Megan took part in the second weekend of Wireless, with the first concerts taking place in Crystal Palace Park in South London last weekend

Megan was a participant of the second weekend of Wireless, where the initial performances were held in Crystal Palace Park located in South London on the previous weekend.

Squad: She worked the entire stage, strutting from side to side and along the catwalk to the front to ensure the entire crowed could see her perform

Team: She owned the entire platform, confidently pacing from one end to another and stepping onto the runway to make sure everyone in the audience could witness her remarkable performance.

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