Cardi B Claims to Be Adaptable, Able to Master Any Rapper’s Style

Cardi B is not afraid of the criticism that comes with her success. She addressed accusations of stealing Kodak Black’s flow on “Bodak Yellow” at a recent concert, showing that she’s ready to face any challenges that come her way.

Cardi B Says She's Versatile, Can “Body” Any Rapper's Flow –

Ever since Cardi’s album went platinum, people have been criticizing it for sounding too much like Kodak’s “No Flockin’.” Although Cardi has acknowledged that the song was inspired by Kodak’s music, she’s getting fed up with all the negative comments.

How rappers got their names

Cardi B quickly responded to criticism suggesting that she copied Kodak’s flow by asserting that she is a diverse artist. She told her audience at a concert that she has the ability to sound like any rapper they admire and that she will continue to experiment with different sounds. Cardi B even went on to mention Kodak and Meek Mill as examples of rappers whose flows she could emulate in the future. She concluded by saying that she is not concerned with what others think and will continue to do whatever she wants. Watch her epic comeback in the video below.

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