Cardi B Boasts of Her Versatility, Prowess to Emulate Various Rappers’ Flair

Cardi B confidently faced criticism regarding her success, proving that she is not one to shy away from challenges. During a recent concert, she openly addressed allegations of stealing Kodak Black’s flow on her hit song “Bodak Yellow,” demonstrating her readiness to confront any issues head-on.

Cardi B Says She's Versatile, Can “Body” Any Rapper's Flow –

Since Cardi B’s album was certified platinum, there has been considerable criticism that it sounds very similar to Kodak Black’s “No Flockin'”. While recognizing that her song was influenced by Kodak’s music, Cardi is becoming increasingly frustrated with the constant negative remarks.

How rappers got their names

Cardi B wasted no time addressing accusations that she stole Kodak’s style, confidently stating that she is a versatile artist. During her concert, she assured fans that she has the ability to mimic the sound of any rapper they admire and that she will continue to push boundaries and experiment with various sounds. She even named Meek Mill and Kodak as potential sources of inspiration for future projects. Cardi B made it clear that she is unconcerned with criticism and will continue to do what she wants. Check out the video below to see her fierce response.

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