Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion heat up the screen with sizzling twerking moves in “Bongos” music video.

The latest hit by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion has brought back the heat of summer, even in September. The music video for their song “Bongos” features a variety of fashion-forward looks, including a memorable scene where Cardi B twerks in a red braided hair bikini while Megan relaxes on the beach in a red swimsuit and feathered hat. The outfits, styled by Kollin Carter, have been widely celebrated on social media, with fans noticing and appreciating the unique braid bikini worn by Cardi B. Overall, the video has generated quite a buzz online and is sure to keep the hot girl summer vibes going strong.

In her recent music video for “Bongos”, Cardi B can be seen twerking inside a refrigerator while sporting a unique hair bikini.

Cardi B, the rapper famous for her hit song “I Like It,” showed off her dance moves while sporting a swimsuit that complemented her hairdo. The video of her dancing was shared on her YouTube channel.

Social media fans were delighted with the creative hairkini that was featured in the recent video of Cardi B, which gained a lot of attention online. In addition, a scene in which Cardi B twerks on a colorful couch while wearing a matching bodysuit and head wrap with a red visor was equally as provocative. The rapper also shared a clip of herself and Megan writhing in matching strappy red bikinis on the beach, which caused many followers to express their excitement and support. Despite some negative feedback, most people agreed that the music video was extravagant and stunning. One highlight was Cardi B’s purple plunging bikini paired with towering orange strappy heels, which made quite an impression. What are your thoughts on this? Share your opinion below.

Cardi gave her fans a sneak peek by sharing a brief video of herself and another lady dressed in identical red swimsuits. The teaser was posted on her Instagram account.

The music video features Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion donning a range of colorful outfits and wigs, curated by Kollin Carter. While the response on Twitter was largely positive, with many praising Cardi’s moves in custom-made Carolin Holzhuber heels, some users couldn’t help but wonder if her orange heels gave off a Fran Drescher/The Nanny vibe. Others marveled at how Cardi manages to stay upright in such high footwear, and questioned why this particular look outshone the rest of the music video.

The visuals of “Bongos” received great appreciation from fans, however, some had concerns regarding the song.

In 2020, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion collaborated on “WAP,” a song with a colorful music video. Fans on Twitter were impressed with the looks in the video and praised Cardi B for having the best visuals in the music industry. This isn’t the first time the two rappers have worked together as they also collaborated on “WAP,” which featured bold outfits and included a cameo from Kylie Jenner in a leopard-printed bodysuit. As Cardi shares her DIY hair treatments on social media, it’s possible that she may incorporate her own locks into her next outfit.

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