Boxer Pup’s Bathtime Blues: Playing Dead to Avoid Getting Wet

Boxer Dog Hates Bath Time, Pretends To Be Too Tired

Mylo the playful Boxer tries to avoid bath time by hiding, but once found, he suddenly becomes too tired to move. Many people wonder if Boxer dogs actually enjoy taking baths.

Boxer dogs are known for their lively and eager nature. They love to romp around and get dirty while playing. However, this doesn’t mean they dislike baths. In fact, most Boxers actually like the feeling of being clean. They find enjoyment in being wet and soapy and often revel in exploring new scents.

Bathing also presents a great chance for Boxers to bond with their owners. While they may not be the first choice of breed for bath time, Boxers tend to find it quite enjoyable. This may stem from their origins as working dogs who had to swim through cold water to carry out their tasks.

As a result, Boxers have developed a high tolerance for colder temperatures and often don’t mind baths in chilly weather. Their energetic and playful nature also comes out during bath time, as they splash around and have a good time.

If you’re searching for a dog that doesn’t shrink away from getting wet, a Boxer could be the ideal fit for you.

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