Angelina Jolie Radiates Glamour in the Eternal City, Strengthening Bonds with Daughters and Sharing Moments with Salma Hayek

Angelina Jolie, the renowned Hollywood actress, recently visited Rome for the production of her upcoming movie, titled “Without Blood.” What makes this trip interesting is that she decided to bring her children along with her. While in Rome, Angelina was spotted spending some quality time with her daughters, Vivienne and Zahara. They enjoyed a day out together, creating lovely memories. Additionally, Angelina also caught up with her good friend, Salma Hayek. It was a delightful sight to see the 47-year-old star looking relaxed and fashionable in a flowing maxi dress, which she paired beautifully with high-waist trousers. The outfit not only showcased her impeccable style but also allowed her to proudly display her unique tattoos that adorned her arms and upper back.

Exquisite: Angelina Jolie, a 47-year-old actress, exuded elegance on a delightful shopping excursion in Rome on Monday. Accompanied by her teenage daughters, 13-year-old Vivienne and 17-year-old Zahara, Angelina radiated effortless beauty. Adding flair to her ensemble, she elevated her style with platformed espadrilles, while gracefully carrying a spacious camel-colored handbag on her shoulder. To shield her luminous face from the Italian sunshine, she elegantly pinned her luscious brunette locks with a chic dark claw clip and donned fashionable circular-framed sunglasses. Zahara, the picture of youthful sophistication, strolled beside her mother in the bustling city, donning a charming sage green sundress paired with chic black high-top Converse trainers.

Girls’ Day Out: The family enjoyed a delightful shopping excursion, where the well-known duo from the movie Mr and Mrs Smith were seen perusing different market stalls with great enthusiasm. They even tried on colorful bracelets, adding a touch of vibrancy to their outing.

Summertime Fashion: The well-known star opted for a relaxed and comfortable sandy-hued long dress combined with high-waisted pants for the event. The ensemble featured a charming spaghetti strap design, highlighting her arms decorated with stunning tattoos.

Casual Hangout: Later in the day, Angelina and her buddy Salma Hayek were spotted enjoying each other’s company in Rome. It seems like they’re taking advantage of the fact that they are currently filming their latest movie, Without Blood, in the same location.

To amp up her look, Angelina added a touch of fashion by pairing her outfit with trendy platform espadrilles and a roomy camel-colored handbag slung effortlessly over her shoulder. Meanwhile, Vivienne, her youngest daughter, went for a relaxed yet stylish appearance, rocking grey jeans and a coordinating crew neck sweatshirt. The family had a blast indulging in a day of shopping, and onlookers caught glimpses of the famous Mr. and Mrs. Smith actress browsing through various market stalls and trying on vibrant bracelets. Immersing herself in the local scene, Angelina also took a moment to delve into a spice stall at Piazza o Campo De Fiori, ultimately opting to bring home some unique kitchen utensils.

Keeping Calm: Shielding her eyes with a pair of stylish round sunglasses, she skillfully beat the sizzling heat of Italy as she elegantly swept her dark brown locks away from her face using a chic claw clip.

Zahara was seen indulging in a shopping extravaganza, evidently having acquired a few items. With a firm grip on her hands, she clutched onto two shopping bags while leisurely exploring the area.

While exploring the various food options, Zahara couldn’t resist visiting a stall in Piazza o Campo de’ Fiori that had a wide range of spices. Not only did she end up purchasing some kitchen utensils to bring back home, but she also found some great deals and ended up with two carrier bags as they continued to explore the area. Alongside their shopping adventures, the family also took advantage of Angelina’s day off to attend a cooking school in the city. Throughout the outing, they seemed to have a strong bond, sharing laughter and walking closely together. Later, Zahara made plans to meet up with her friend Salma, who coincidentally was also in Rome for her role in the movie “Without Blood.”

Casual stroll in the sunshine: Instead of just indulging in shopping, the entire family made the most of Angelina’s day off by embracing the world of food, honing their culinary talents.

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