“An Inside Look at Jennifer Aniston’s Unconventional Eating Habits: Fasting for 16 Hours a Day”

In a recent interview, Jennifer Aniston spilled the beans on her secret to looking fabulous at 50. The actress follows a strict diet and wellness regime which includes limiting her solid food intake to just 8 hours of the day, followed by 16 hours of fasting. She begins her day with celery juice, hits the gym and practices meditation, all of which she attributes to her amazing physique. According to Aniston, she practices intermittent fasting which means no food in the morning.

According to her statement, she observed a significant change in her body after not consuming solid food for 16 hours. She expressed her love for working out at the gym and said that it makes her feel beautiful when she completes an intense exercise routine. As she takes good care of her body, her endorphins are released, and her blood circulation improves. She emphasized the importance of taking care of our body as it is the only one we have. Although she aims to attend the gym regularly for at least 20 minutes, she also believes that rest days are essential.

Jennifer recently dropped a hint that she’s collaborating with her Friends co-stars for a new project. However, she quickly cleared the air and dismissed any speculations of it being a revival of the popular American sitcom.

In a close setting with musician Charlie Puth, Jennifer revealed that she and her co-stars are hoping for “something” but prefer to keep things private. Ellen inquired if it’s a reboot of their show.

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