Adorable Feline with a Distinctively Squishy Visage Seeks Affectionate Family – Press Gazette

TO Rescue provided a safe and nurturing environment for Kaya, who was discovered dehydrated, underweight, and dealing with parasites. With the help of her foster parents, she underwent a remarkable transformation both physically and emotionally. Her loving caretakers not only tended to her health, but also encouraged her energetic and affectionate personality. The rescue organization shared on social media that Kaya was a talkative and lively kitten who loved spending time with people and being held – a testament to her intelligence and sociability.

Kaya had a tough beginning, but she showed incredible strength. Her kind personality was evident to anyone who met her, causing them to instantly adore her. She loved her foster family, other cats, and even dogs. According to Barrera’s interview with TheBestCatPage, Kaya craved affection and only wanted to be petted and loved.

What does Kaya love to do in her free time? Well, it turns out that she finds joy in the simplest of things – a cardboard box. It just goes to show that sometimes happiness can be found in the most unexpected places.
Kaya is currently searching for a loving forever home to call her own. Despite being 5-and-a-half months old, she has yet to receive any adoption applications. However, she remains resilient and determined, having recently undergone surgery to improve her vision and comfort. The folks at TO Rescue have been devoted to helping Kaya find her perfect match. She possesses excellent navigational skills and is always eager to make new friends and playmates.

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