A Mother Dog’s Cry for Help: Starving and Exhausted, Desperate to Feed Her Puppy

The exhausted mother dog and her puppy were discovered in a state of extreme exhaustion, dehydration, and severe emaciation. As they were a stray family, they had never received adequate nutrition. The mother was extremely anxious as she was unable to feed her offspring, which was a heart-wrenching and distressing sight. Fortunately, a kind-hearted person came forward and extended help to the poor family. They provided food to the dogs and took them to a veterinary clinic for further care.

The veterinarian was surprised by the condition of the dogs, but she felt confident that she could provide assistance. After administering IV fluid and tonic to the mother dog, it became evident that she was extremely weak and unable to stand up on her own. It would take plenty of time and appropriate nursing care to nurse them back to health.

Previously, this lovely family used to live in the background and relied solely on the scraps of food left behind. However, things have changed for the better as they now receive proper care and affection for the entirety of their lives. Their nourishment is top-notch and the foster mother ensures that they have everything they require. They experience improvement day by day.

In just a span of three months, with consistent nurturing, she has gained some healthy weight. In addition, her furry companion is also thriving in good health. All thanks to Abrigo Animais Aumigos and all those involved in making it happen.

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