A Heroic Rescue: Officer Retrieves a Scared Canine Trapped in a Pipe

A Courageous Cop Rescues a Helpless Dog from a Scary Pipe
After being startled by a passing vehicle, a small canine ran under a canal channel. Unfortunately, she became trapped in the dimly lit tunnel and was unable to move. Fortunately, a member of the police force arrived just in time to save her from her plight.

Let me introduce you to Officer Joe Brazil, a true hero who jumps into action without hesitation. He recently made headlines for rescuing an adorable Yorkshire Terrier who was scared by a passing vehicle and ran straight into a tunnel. Peggy Edwards shared this heartwarming story on Facebook on May 2, 2016, which quickly went viral. Officer Joe was nearby and wasted no time in coming to the rescue. His compassionate act has touched the hearts of many, and we are thankful for individuals like him who go the extra mile to help those in distress.

Towards the end of April, a small canine had been wandering about without any restraints when it got spooked by the passing of a vehicle and dashed into a tunnel that traverses a nearby waterway. Peggy took to Facebook to narrate the encounter, informing readers that the dog was stranded some 20-25 feet in and was clutching onto the edge. Peggy was apprehensive about approaching, fearing that she might frighten the dog and make it retreat further into the tunnel. However, she came up with an ingenious plan and reached out to the Woonsocket Police Department for help. Officer Joe Brazil promptly arrived on the scene, ready to lend a hand.

Peggy recounted the incident where a courageous Officer offered his assistance. He fearlessly jumped in and emerged with a soaked and scared little dog without any delay. Peggy expressed her gratitude for his valor, noting how unbelievable it was that he managed to rescue the helpless pup. The Officer even removed his footwear before entering the tunnel to retrieve the tiny canine. The dog was fortunate, and the Officer was genuinely exceptional.

The Officer, who spoke to WJAR NBC10, recounted how he encountered Cece shaking uncontrollably while holding on to the side. The dog was extremely frightened, so the Officer took extra precautions not to scare her even more. In a remarkable turn of events, he let Cece smell his fingers as he slowly approached her in the tunnel. Once he got close enough, he gently lifted her out of the tunnel and to safety.

According to Brazil, a police officer, she shared an endearing moment with a dog named Cece that appeared grateful for being rescued. The picture taken shows the heartfelt interaction between the officer and the animal. It was later discovered that Cece wasn’t wandering alone but had a home with Michelle Perez. Michelle was overjoyed that her recently gifted pet was found as it ran away from home the day after she received it from her mother-in-law.

Cece, an adorable puppy who was just five months old, went missing in a frightening tunnel. Perez, her owner, was unable to sleep and spent the entire time driving around in search of her. Fortunately, Cece was rescued by Peggy Edwards and Officer Joe Brazil, who brought her back to her grateful owner. It is indeed a relief that this tale ended happily!

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